Proudly made in Italy

Textile technologies

Nuova Officine Tessili has an organized production chain, which includes machinery for the production of garments and all the specific tools to monitor and certify the quality of the finished product.

The innovative production process of Nuova Officine Tessili is made such by the use of:     

22 latest generation weaving machines from Shima and Stoll from the fineness 3 to 14     

5 graphics stations with specialized software, managed by internal programmers   

use of a management software with access reserved to the customer.

Based on a validated know-how, combined with skills and competences, the company Nuova Officine Tessili, proceeds on its path of growth with a great goal: to win new customers who believe in Made in Italy with professionalism, collaboration and commitment.

Our knitwear uses Apex 3.4 and S1 programming to create prototypes and entire samples. The avant-garde of industrial weaving is available in our plants with rectilinear machines.

The profound knowledge of yarns’ output combined with the technical preparation of our human resources, allows us to probe the performance limits of the entire machine park, guaranteeing the highest quality in every kind of workmanship.