Model, prototype, sample

Production processes

Nuova Officine Tessili intervenes in the immediately following phase of the sketch, in the utmost confidentiality it completes the cycle that leads to the realization of the model, of the prototype and of the relative possible sampling.     

  • Design of the model based on drafts, paper patterns or technical sheets provided by the customer;     
  • Choice of yarns and fabrics;     
  • Development of knit stitches;     
  • Prototype development;     
  • Programming takes place on the latest generation of dedicated computers – Apex 3.4 and S1;     
  • Creation of sheets for verification of the point yield and achievement of the desired “hand”;
  • Sample development;     
  • Consolidated collaboration with embroidery, printing and dyeing;     
  • Crochet work;
  • Size development;     
  • Sewing and quality control of sheets;     
  • Packaging and quality control of the sheets;     
  • Packaging and quality control of the finished garment;     
  • Accurate washing to make each garment special and unique;
  • Labeling by hand or by machine;     
  • Ironing, packaging and shipping;