Mission & values

The elements on which the mission of New textile workshops are based are:   

  • PASSION: Cultivate with pride the love and passion for knitwear that renews tradition;
  • UNIQUENESS: Merging aesthetic and quality requirements to create unique garment;
  • ENVIRONMENT: Respect us and the environment by guaranteeing the use of products and yarns in line with European standards;
  • ATISFACTION: Meet the increasingly specific and specific needs of customers through our quality.

We believe in these values:

  • ETHICS: The ethical aspect in the fashion industry is fundamental. Nuova Officine Tessili makes it one of its strong points. For us ethics means competence, quality and passion for what we do. All our customers must be sure of receiving a service at the highest quality level and with the total confidentiality of the information provided.
  • PUNCTUALITY: Respect of delivery dates requested by the customer for the preparation of samples and productions.
  • EXPERTISE: Thirty years experience in knitwear, research and production.
  • QUALITY: The company has always been faithfully linked to a made in Italy that accompanies the product from the choice of the best materials, subjected to careful selection, the use of cutting-edge textile machines, up to the final packaging made by highly specialized personnel.