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Great quality and professionalism

The New Officine Tessili is your point of reference for everything related to the production of textile choting.
Some of the most important companies in the made in itay clhoting industry have chosen us.

Our experience in this field together with our professionalism makes us market leaders in this industry.

Innovation, competitive prices and perfect optimization of production times are the characteristics for which our company has achieved a position in its reference market.

The services offered by New Officine tessili are proposed in a synergy with the customer, in order to improve the quality as well as the economy of the time taken and costs too.

Manufacturing processes

From the phase following the sketch starts the cicle which it leads to the realization of the model, to the prototype as well as the possible sample case.

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Textiles & contract manufacturing

In regards to the creation of the product we can satisfly all different types of requestes customers might have from structurated to pure inlay, jacquard and many more.

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Innovation, low cost and efficient time management

The services offered by New Officine Tessili are proposed in a synergy with the customer as improvement of quality and cost and time saving.

The company's innovative production process is made such by the use of 22 latest generation weaving machines, 5 graphics stations with specialized software, managed by internal programmers.

Made in italy & our expertise

On the basis of a valid know-how combined with skills and competences, the company proceeds on its path of growthing with a great goal: work with customers who believe in Made in Italy as well as professionalism and collaboration.